Hot dog! Or: When “LOVE” strikes …

Many owners of male dogs can tell you a thing or two about it. In particular, intact boys” already smell it 1000 miles against the wind, if there is a female dog in heat somewhere. As soon as the smell hits the dog, “automatic“ mode starts in many male dogs: They HAVE to find this […]

Boundless Dog Land of Plenty

. One myth about training based on positive reinforcement is that there are no boundaries or rules for the dog. Is this really so?! Well … No boundaries regarding training possibilities – YES! No boundaries or rules for the dog regarding living together – NO!First, let’s give the terms “boundaries” and “setting boundaries” a bit […]

Extremely Embarrassing…!!!

Some dogs dig – and of course not only in places that we humans think suitable for … Our own garden for example. And the neighbour as well thinks that his front yard is not the right place either. First, we should realize that our dogs have needs that oRen do not quite fit into […]

Rocky Pavlov

Rocky Pavlov and Classical Konditioning. Again, life is learning. All the time. Always. Classic conditioning creates a link.In our example, by the sound of the bell shortly before food appears. After some time, the bell announces the food, and Rocky starts to drool – whether he wants it or not. That’s classical conditioning. Of course […]

The right „tool“ for all (problem)furs

Training based on positive reinforcement means luring, bribing and stuffing the dog with cookies?! In addition, all dogs are “pampered” and the credo is “DO NOT EXPOSE THE DOG TO ANY STRESS”? And what about “real” problems? Treats and spoiling the dog does not work in real problem situations, and the dog needs to know […]

Rockys Quadrants

Life is learning. All the time. Always. One form of learning is “Operant Conditioning”. Don’t let yourself be put off by the terms! Rocky explains which emotions are connected with which quadrant: „Positive Reinforcement“  = Joy „Negative Punishment“ = Frustration „Positive Punishment = Scare / Fear „Negative Reinforcement“ = Relief Important to know: All 4 […]