”Rocky” explains the world of modern dog training!
Self deprecating and a little tongue in cheek, but always to the point! 

In collaboration with well-known supporters, the IBH e.V. has set up this project to educate the world of dog training set firmly in the ethos of  positive reinforcement. 
Cleverly illustrated by well-known cartoonist Olaf Neumann of Dogtari.

The cartoons explain outdated training methods and banish common training myths back to the fairytale world.


May 2019, a member of IBH e.V. informed us that starting autumn 2019, a well-known television trainer, who is using aversive training methodes, will be touring through Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH).

This raised the question: what can IBH e.V. do to promote non-violent and modern dog training methodology, based on positive reinforcement ?!

This thought would not go away. Therefore the first idea was a comprehensive campaign and was  created as the first initiative by IBH e.V.
The result is #PositiveRocks! 
Drawn and animated by cartoonist Olaf Neuman – „Dogtari“.