Our supporter and co-operations partner from the start.

Supporter / Co-Operation Partner

Kynos Publishing Company

This publisher was founded in 1980 and is considered the industry leader in German-speaking countries for all topics regarding dogs. 

From education and behaviour, health, feeding and breed specifics, all the way through to different dog sports etc. 

Professionals such as dog trainers in particular, appreciate the quality and competency of books from publisher Kynos. Kynos offers around 250 titles, plus dog ​​stories, pictures and gift books. Aside from published works, they also produce high-quality hanging slates with dog quotes.


Hey-Fiffi.com [note the wordplay ;o) ] is a project from the heart of Sonja Meiburg and Michele Baldioli. They have made it their goal to bring positive dog training via the Internet into the last remaining corners of the dog world.

On Hey Fiffi, dog training members of non-violent dog training communities have come together to provide interested dog owners with videos and articles about online dog training.

The crew regularly shoots new films on exciting topics, so that dog owners always receive new ideas. Both novice and advanced dog owners can train with these videos whenever and wherever they want.

This offer includes not only dog ​​training videos but also gives other ideas like how to bake dog biscuits and how to make dog toys.


Dog is a human’s best friend …
With his cartoons, Olaf Neumann – also known as “Dogtari” – takes the words right out of dog owners‘ mouths.
With his two Great Danes (Bruno & Scully) and their friends, Dogtari experiences the some bizarre, adventures, but also shares some beautiful moments that shape the friendship between man and his four-legged friends. 

Whether it is forced walks in the rain, educational measures that have gone differently than planned, confessions or threats of new technologies – there is something for everyone to relate to.
True stories and events of …

Comic artist Olaf Neumann from Gelsenkirchen (Germany) publishes daily cartoons on living with a dog on the Internet under his pseudonym „Dogtari“, which really seems to hit home with many dog ​​owners.
In 2011, the Dogtari Daily Cartoons were created for the first time as an online project (www.dogtari.de), but initially without the Chaos Duo Bruno & Scully.
The two Great Dane characters are of course heavily influenced by his own dogs. There is the blue-gray Great Dane „Bruno“ (a fictional character, which is made up of his deceased dog lady „Rala“ and the German Shepherd mix „Rumo“) and Great Dane Princess „Scully“, who is transferred directly into the comic book character.
Just stories from real life. The ideas hit Olaf Neumann in everyday life with his two four-legged friends – whether it is waking up in the morning, while going for a walk or during lunch.
All stories are strictly autobiographical, and as long as Bruno, Scully & Co continue to have nothing but mischief in their heads, new daily cartoons will appear in the future.

„SPRICH HUND“ (Speak Dog!)

As educational platform, “SPRICH HUND” focuses on the body language and needs/emotions of dogs. Drawings are used to explain important details of body language, and video analyses show how to responsibly recognise and interpret behavior.

Topics like: 

  • marking behaviour of dogs
  • growling
  • leash jerk
  • why does a dog pull on leash?
  • approaching another dog
  • and much more

are explained in a simple to understand style, by various professionals. 

The platform is intended for the everyday dog ​​owner, to get information easily and quickly here.

„Trainieren statt dominieren“  („Train instead of Dominating“)

„Trainieren statt dominieren“ is a community of people with dogs, dog schools, clubs, trainers, who commit themselves to non-violent dog training, based on the latest behavioural science and research.

„Der Hundeflüsterer pro & contra“ („the dog whisperer pro & contra“)

The TV series “The Dog Whisperer” with American dog trainer Cesar Millan is well received worldwide. His books, DVDs and his training philosophy “Cesar‘s Way” are also very popular in German-speaking countries

But are his successes shown on television really true successes? 

Are his training methods really feasible and not even partially relevant to animal welfare?

What can you “see” by taking a closer look at his training methods, while incorporating scientific findings and observing the dogs’ body language?

On our Facebook page we take a closer, unemotional, more critical look at this work, with the aim of educating, and thus protecting dogs and humans, from the inevitable dangers and subsequent damage that can result from using such non-scientific methods.

But you will not only find reports on Cesar‘s Way, but also informative articles, publications, videos and much more on the topic “fair handling” and everything informative about our best friend – the dog.

„Qualitätsnetzwerk Schulbegleithunde e.V.“ (quality network school companion dog e.V.)

The non-profit organization “Qualitätsnetzwerk Schulbegleithunde e.V.” sees itself as competent partner for dog-supported education in the German school sector.

Its goal, among others, is to produce a network of human-dog teams, school dog working groups and professional training in this field, coupled with the exchange and cooperation of ministries, school boards and school managements.

The primary concern is a qualified application of human-dog teams for the benefit of all parties involved. The focus must not only be on the advantages and benefits for the students, but primarily concentrate on the welfare and protection of the dogs used.

In our opinion, a non-aversive handling of the dogs, as already written in the Prague IAHAIO guidelines of 1998, is a mandatory requirement for a qualified use of dogs in schools!

„Initiative für gewaltfreies Hundetraining“ („Initiative for non-violent dog training“)

The goal of „Initiative für gewaltfreies Hundetraining“ is to spread a scientifically sound, ethical and empathic approach to dogs, especially regarding training. 

More than 400 experts and many organizations support our proposed paper and a large number of dog schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are involved in the campaign “trade TV trainer showticket against training lesson “.

The most important aims are to spread knowledge about non-aversive dog training and to highlight the improtance of understanding learning theory, how dogs learn and dog behavior. Thus highlighting to people how violence can start and show alternatives to these outdated, completely unnessecary practices.