Extremely Embarrassing…!!!

Some dogs dig – and of course not only in places that we humans think suitable for …

Our own garden for example. And the neighbour as well thinks that his front yard is not the right place either.

First, we should realize that our dogs have needs that oRen do not quite fit into our human world. But the need is there!
Therefore, we should someEmes show them places, where they are allowed to dig.
But what should we do, if it happens in inappropriate places?

Of course, the digging must be interrupted. As always, we have the choice here as well!

Not good: Stop the dog via posiEve punishment (garden hose) and push him away. Learning success ???
Human with garden hose may be dangerous and digging with my human around in parEcular …
For many dogs it is not “just a bit of water and does not hurt”!
The dogs can get scared, many sense water as very unpleasant – it just happens to be a punishment for the dog. But he can not understand why.

Good: The dog is interrupted by a trained signal. Here, for example, with the anchor signal – one component of the double recall – from our toolbox.
And in case someone thinks the “UIUIUIUIUIUI“ is extremely embarrassing (you or your dog) – you can of course use other inconspicuous conEnuous signals, like a “GoGoGoGo” or a whistle.

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